Top 10 Start-up Events in 2021

Top 10 Start-up Events in 2021

How are they different but more important than any other year?

After the darkest night comes the brightest day! And with the advent of 2021, also comes hope for a much better future — for us and for everyone around us — even new ventures.

With the slow decline of Covid-19 globally, vaccines getting administered swiftly, businesses have started functioning again, and it is only a matter of time when things return to normal completely.

Doesn’t this pose as a perfect chance to go out and give shape to that dream you have always been wanting to start out — but didn’t because of the major hiccup that was 2020? Of course, it is. And 2021 offers a multitude of events specifically directed at founders of start-ups and investors, to explore the nuances of running a well-oiled successful business and to provide a platform for both parties to connect and exchange ideas, capital, and opportunity.

What? Where? When? How? — you ask?

Let’s answer all your questions here…

1) FinTech India Expo:

The ‘FinTech India Expo and Blockchain Summit’ is a must-attend for anyone looking to explore advancements in emerging domains like Blockchain, AI, Data, and Quantum Technologies, amongst many others.

The Expo means to act not just as an opportunity to learn and engage in these fields, but also as a platform for multiple FinTech companies to collaborate towards sustainable growth. With decision-makers of upcoming businesses around you, an opportunity to network and connect lies ahead, which you should not miss out on.

When: 24th-26th March 2021

Where: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

How: Link is here:

2) Amazon Smbhav Summit 2021:

The 4-day summit hosted by the tech giant Amazon provides an opportunity to leverage their ecosystem to ensure Indian start-ups realize their potential.

The summit will host several leaders, businesses, developers, and content creators facilitating them to maximize their success, and get diverse perspectives from 70+ speakers on domains relevant for growth in the Indian market.

When: 15th-18th April 2021

Where: Virtual

How: Link is here:

3) Venture Capital World Summit, World Series Season :

With a globally trusted network, Venture encourages investors and investees to connect, while helping them gain capital and expertise to scale up.

The summit means to facilitate participants through discussion panels highlighting the latest global and local trends, and private meeting rooms to network throughout multiple conferences.

When: 25th August 2021

Where: Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai

How: Link is here:

4) Connecting Ideas with Money @Lounge47: Investor Series:

Another chance to hear from investors themselves on varied funding subjects. This series of talks will broaden your understanding of the multiple stages of investment, as well as give you pointers to upgrade your elevator pitch.

Guests from Angels, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity present make this a prime event for anyone seeking an investment.

When: 16th April 2021

Where: Online

How: Register here:

5) Start Summit 2021:

The Virtual conference boasts an arsenal of benefits for founders, investors as well as students. Spread over an entire week, there are plenty of formats to utilize and develop your knowledge from including speeches, workshops, specialized masterclasses, and networking sessions called Campfires.

The different elements of this summit will holistically educate you on running a successful business while giving you first-hand shots to connect with the pioneers and likely investors. A pitching competition is a cherry on top for the founders of start-ups looking to raise capital for their venture.

When: 22nd — 27th March 2021

Where: Virtual

How: Link is here:

6) The Makers Summit:

Inviting the ‘Makers’, anyone who is creating a product, designing an experience, or working in product tech, India’s largest product conference hosts 10000+ product marketers, designers, and leaders to share their know-how and knowledge to the budding community.

A mix of keynotes, breakout sessions, masterclasses, and panels are featured aiming towards giving actionable advice on building better products with high growth.

When: 12–14th March 2021

Where: Virtual

How: Link is here:

7) Founders First:

Founders First is a LetsVenture initiative designed to help start-up founders get domain and stage-specific insights. In this edition of #FoundersFirst the focus is on Product & Design, Hiring & ESOPs, and Exits.

Founders First was launched in August 2020 where they had 150+ founders (early to growth stage) attend and 1000s benefit from the conversation and post-conference material. In the first edition, they had founders like Yashish Dahiya of Policybazaar, Nithin Kamath of Zerodha, Abhiraj Bhal of Urban Company investors like Rajan Anandan of Sequoia, Hemant Mohapatra of Lightspeed, and Pratik Poddar of Nexus Venture Partners.

When: 20th March 2021

Where: Kolkata

How: Link is Here:

8: START-A-THON 2.0: National Level Start-up Ideation Challenge:

A pan India Premium start-up ideation challenge that is open to all students (engineers, arts, commerce, science), recent graduates 2019 & 2020, and faculties, the Sardar Patel Technology Business Incubator (SP-TBI)’s Start-a-Thon 2.0 is a 2-day intense competition where participants will have to race against time to create a full-fledged solution for the given problem areas.

There will be mentors available throughout the day to help participants make the best start-up ideas plans and also learn about entrepreneurship in the process. On day two, each start-up will be pitching its ideas against 4–5 investors.

When: 20th March 2021

Where: Mumbai

How: Link is Here:

9) Women Power Summit & Awards 2021:

Women Power Summit & Awards 2021 aims to understand and address the day-to-day problems faced by women who are looking forward to a career as a successful entrepreneur.

The Awards are distinctly curated in honor of exemplary contribution and in an effort to celebrate excellence and recognize thought-leadership thereby setting a benchmark through a stringent process of selection by the elite jury committee ensuring transparency and fair play.

When: 8th May 2021

Where: Mumbai

How: Link is Here:

10) India 5000 MSME Conference:

A platform that provides expert sessions of inspiring speakers and ideas which can help you grow professionally, understand the experts’ views that may work for your business, learn new skills and think about the new strategies that best fit your business, and explore your profession by doing conversation and networking.

When: 29th May 2021

Where: CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Center, Navi Mumbai

How: Link is here:

The pandemic has without question impacted global trends, with investors more likely to stick to companies having existing portfolios or those whose industry is growing. This makes it extremely crucial to recognize the nuances of how both sides of the funding process could benefit from the exchange. This is where the listed start-up events and conferences come into the picture.

These events bring to light the potential for growth of Indian start-ups if they should choose to think through their plans and provides them with a chance to sharpen their understanding of areas they might have missed. With lockdowns still in place and covid still not completely out, most of the events are being held virtually, which ensures no more time is wasted in giving your dreams a real edge.

Dais World encourages and promotes information exchange for start-ups with a dedicated segment to ‘start-ups’ on the Dais World App. So, get up, get going and grab a chance to attend these events now.

We will keep updating this space to always keep you up-to-date with the latest Start-up events around you. Follow us to stay in the know!



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