The World Environment Expo 2022

An International Exhibition on the Environment, for the Environment

The World Environment Expo 2022

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The environmental revolution has been in the works for nearly four decades, and it has irrevocably altered how businesses operate. While it began with corporations denying their impact on the environment, the majority of companies have now embraced their obligation to protect the environment. Products and manufacturing processes are becoming cleaner, and the environment is improving where this shift is taking place. Now, more and more businesses in developed countries are “becoming green,” realising that they may cut pollution while also increasing profitability.

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Human existence produces waste as an unavoidable by product. Each of us generates waste, no matter how big or tiny. While garbage is an inherent part of our cycle, how we manage it becomes the most significant influence in climate change. Improper waste management not only results in litter all over the place, but it also has an impact on our ecosystem, resulting in pollution of the air, land, and water. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is the credo for us doing our part.

Refuse to buy anything that isn’t absolutely necessary

Reduce waste by just purchasing what you require

Reuse items rather than discarding them after a single use

Recycle what can’t be reused

The World Environment Expo 2022 is one such event that ties both these entities together into one grand event at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi on the 4th to the 6th of June 2022 — It is one such event where corporates that aim to continually reduce their own as well as others’ carbon footprint as individuals to aim to see how they can contribute their own tiny but not insignificant bit in ensuring the Earth is a better place to live in, again.

The expo has been organized by the prestigious Indian Exhibition Services and Green Society of India, with the support from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, the Government of India, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, and the United Nations Environment Program.

Register here to exhibit yourself at the expo.

And of course, Dais World has been chosen to be the Media Partner to represent the Expo to the Smart, forward-thinking Indian audiences that are keen to pick up newer next-generation information at a flick of their phone screen!

The World Environment Expo 2022 aims for a sustainable and clean environment for India, with environmental revolution at its core. The expo promotes cutting-edge technology and the use of information services to provide solutions in the areas of environmental protection, renewable energy, waste management, sustainable buildings, water management, energy efficiency, and overall environmental improvement, with the overarching goal of providing people with a cleaner and greener roadmap.

The expo will feature exhibitors from the United States, Germany, Belgium, France, Japan, Korea, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, and other countries. Some of the Exhibitor domains are expected to be:


Pollution Control Equipments (Air, Water, Noise); Environmental Monitoring Instrument; Ocean Pollution Control Technology; Waste Management & Recycling; Water treatment & purifications; Sustainable Development Technology; Laboratory Equipments & Supplies; HVAC Systems & Products


Renewable Energy; Solar Energy; Wind Energy; Hydro Energy; Energy efficiency products; New Energy Resource Technology;


Eco-friendly Products; Eco- friendly Packagings; Eco — friendly Fabrics; Eco Home Appliances


Equipment & technology for building construction; Green Building Products; Green building solutions & services; Green properties, landscaping; Water heating systems; Building automation systems and products; Building efficiency systems;


Agriculture Technologies; Equipments and Materials; Eco -friendly Agriculture & Irrigations Methods; Eco -friendly Innovative Green Houses; Pesticides, Fertilizers and Organic Products


Electric and Eco-friendly Vehicles; Air pollution control devices; Battery technology; Biofuels; Hybrid Vehicles; LPG / LNG


Environmental Protection Service & Research; Environmental-related Education & Training; Environmental-related Media & Publications; Facilities Management Service; Environmental Sign Products; Eco Tourism


Government Institutions; Cleaning and Sanitation Equipments; Biotechnologies ; PSU’s and NGO

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to display their innovations and technologies to prospective collaborators and politicians, as well as network with other entrepreneurs. Its partners include huge names from the Indian as well as from the Global industry including renowned and major industrial giants such as India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), Indian Pulp & Paper Technical Association (IPPTA), Maharashtra Solar Manufacturers Association (MASMA), Indian Pump Manufacturers Association (IPMA), National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI), All India Association of Industries (AIAI), Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME), Indian Plastics Institute (IPI), All India Solar Industries Association (AISIA), Rajasthan Solar Association (RSA), Green Rating for Integrated Habit Assessment, Aastha Enviro Systems Pvt. Ltd., Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. Ltd. (UEPL), Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA), Clenare, NCR Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI), and many more.

Visitors at the Event are also expected to be some of the key decision makers of major industries and Government departments such as :

Pollution control boards; Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers; Environment Consultants; Education & Research Institutes; Industrial Plant; Exporters & Importers; Trade Associations; Retailers & Suppliers; Municipalities &Development Authorities; Disaster Management Authorities; Media; Ministries & Government Officers; Project Companies; Dealers & Distributors; Consulting Engineers, architects, surveyors ; NGO; Government policy makers, urban planners; Builders & Developers; Waste Management Companies; Corporate House; Environment monitoring authorities; Public Health Departments; Hospitals and hotels; Consultants and advisors; Lighting Consultants; Facility management companies; Recycling companies; Sewage treatment professionals; Irrigation departments; Trade Media; Construction &Project Companies; Environmental NGO; RWA’S; Eco Clubs; School, College, Universities; Environmentalists; State Environment Departments; Industrial users from segments like mines, petroleum & chemicals, engineering, power, cement, pharmaceuticals, plastics and paper sectors.

The expo’s main purpose is to raise environmental awareness, show how technology can be utilized to protect the environment, promote breakthrough environmental protection solutions, and provide commercial opportunities for environmental technology and equipment manufacturers. The exhibition indeed provides a fantastic opportunity for Indian corporates, professionals and the people at large to interact and learn from environmental specialists.

Register here to exhibit yourself at the expo. The Brochure can be downloaded Here

And it is not all serious work, there are sub-events that are concurrently running, keeping the visitors as well as the delegates on their excited toes:

1. GREENOVATION 2022 — International Green Building Technology Expo

2. WORLD ENVIRONMENT CONFERENCE (WEC) 2022 — Click Here to know represent your company at the conference


4. GREEN INDIA AWARDS — Click Here to Nominate Yourself of Your Company

By displaying clean and green efforts and technologies at the World Environment Expo, even companies are looking to open up new doors to a more sustainable future and utilize the Indian market’s potential to find the right, sustainable solutions for a smarter India.

Join the ranks of experts and industry leaders that are coming together to build a cleaner, greener, friendlier Earth — All here at the World Environment Expo 2022!!

Register here if you wish to be a Delegate and represent your organization at one of the concurrent events.

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