The Right Age To Become An Entrepreneur

“Failing fast — one of Elon Musk’s superpowers”

“Rahul Yadav has already quit the next company he will join”

“Amazon employees mad at Bezos for minting money”

We are gradually making ourselves accustomed to the media creating demi-gods out of start-up founders one morning and panning them like public enemies, the very next. Young, dynamic and raring-to-go business promoters sure do make entertaining reading. But their spirit is not what these news articles could beat.

Even in times of difficulty, such as the coronavirus pandemic, which is a global issue or demonetization which is a local one, start-ups led by entrepreneurs both young and old, made headlines each day.

The purpose was in question, existence and solidity of one’s business ideas were challenged, focus and expertise on one’s domain were under pressure — as entrepreneurs stopped at nothing to keep their businesses afloat and even flourishing. They were grudged for marketing tactics during lockdowns, were snickered at for raising billions at a time many were sitting at home, disliked for crossing newer thresholds of personal wealth when many had been laid off or benched — but they didn’t stop, didn’t let anything affect their North-Star focus.

But in the midst of all this, who actually pulled it off better than the others? And what were the most important distinguishers? Was AGE one of the deciding factors of how they navigated these times?
Dais World’s latest editorial tries to put some light towards the journey.

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