Eight months ago, when we first heard of Covid-19, we didn’t pay much attention.

The lockdowns, the social distancing shoutouts, and the media coverage were good as information but not of much use, then. And now, when a lot of us have a relative admitted for the dreaded disease or a friend who is isolating with the fear of being infected, Covid has come too close to not care.

Something similar happened with the disease of the mind this year (is it a disease at all?). A celebrity dying of suicide and then becoming a subject of national-level investigation — made entertainment. But as we went along, deaths by suicide began happening in the neighborhood, to supposedly “common” individuals — A ‘normal’ ex-CBI chief, a ‘normal’ police constable, a ‘normal’ family of four, a ‘normal’ designer-next-door, a ‘normal’ student before exam day — the definition of ‘normal’ was now under question.

Mental illness had hit home.

The human mind can surely self-heal but it also needs a little nurturing from time-to-time. It feels the weight of the loss of a loved one and also gives up baggage in the embrace of a friend. But often, it doesn’t share its deeper, innermost apprehensions that sometimes lead to extreme actions.

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A N I T A S A C H D E V is a globally seasoned business and communications professional and an ICF-PCC Certified Coach and a Thought Partner who inspires conscious life transitions and propels growth for individuals and corporate leaders.

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