The Grand Project to link India’s Rivers

Recently India has been facing droughts and floods at the same time. Source: Pexels

“Pure water is the World’s First and Foremost Medicine”

— Slovakian Proverb

Floods inundate several parts of the country, affecting millions every year. Image Source- India TV
Droughts in India — An Equal crisis like Floods (Image Source- The Wire)
The Massive National River Linking Project (Image Credit- India TV)
Sadhguru’s Quote on River Interlinking Project (Source: Sadhguru JV quotes)
The National water grid for Bharat (Source:
  1. A northern Himalayan River inter-link component-
  1. Ken — Betwa Linking
The interlinking of rivers has been envisaged at a cost of over Rs 5.5 lakh cr Image Source- India TV
  1. The biggest hope the project gives is to control both floods and droughts happening simultaneously across the nation.
  2. It will benefit the irrigation system as it envisages raising the ultimate irrigation potential from 140 million hectares to 175 million hectares.
  3. It claims to generate 34,000 megawatts of hydropower.
  4. It will provide incidental benefits for navigation, water supply, fisheries, salinity, and pollution control.
  5. There are also commercial benefits of the project- as it will lead to the betterment of the inland waterways and transport system.
  6. The project could prove to help resolve inter-state water disputes.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered prayer to the river Ganga, in Varanasi on Monday. (ANI Photo)
  1. The National Perspective Plan (NPP) is responsible for focusing on this project of 150-million-acre feet (MAF), along with 185 billion cubic meters of shortage of water.
  2. Construction of large reservoirs that could lead to the generation of hydroelectric power of 34 gigawatts
  3. Around 30 canals are proposed to be built, between 50 to 100 meters in width, and stretching up to 15,000 km.
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