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Here’s A Lowdown On One Of The Most Successful Boy Bands In History.. Ever!!

Who is BTS? What is BTS — Dais tells you all you want to know!

“BTS symbolizes youth who doesn’t settle for their current reality and instead opens the door to go forward and achieve growth” ~ Billboard

You are asked if you ever heard of BTS, it is difficult to say no! Even if you don’t understand Korean, their music sticks in your head, and your feet naturally begin swaying to their beat. Whether it’s their legendary ‘Dynamite’ or the super-hot ‘Permission to Dance’, BTS has always graced us with dynamic choreography, creative and conceptual look-and-feel and oh yes, energizing music.

The seven-member boy band from South Korea has experienced the greatest musical heights since their debut in 2013 with the album ‘2 kool 4 skool.’ Their popularity has only soared ever since! BTS is often considered a family full of incredible voices, almost sculpture-like handsomeness, and amusing habits, that makes their fans laugh as well as admire them for their hard work and persistence to dish out the best entertainment ever. It won't be misplaced to say that BTS introduced K-pop to the international audience in a refreshing way and took it to a whole new level.

And the admiration kept coming — Billboard Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, The Asian Awards, American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and South Korea’s Melon Music Awards — The list keeps growing by the year and so does the ARMY!!

‘Feels like I’m walking across the sky, Tell me about Forever just one more Time’ — BTS

And if you are STILL wondering who this extremely talented bunch is, let us have the honour of introducing them to you:

Let's start with the name first!

The Acronym BTS initially stood for the Korean remark ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’ which in English means ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’ or famously known as the ‘Bangtan Boys.’

Later in 2017, the group announced that they want to be known as ‘Beyond the Scenes’ universally. This serves justice to their name as their interaction with their fans is greater than any other artist in this world, showcasing their real-life outside the stage and studio.

Even when I fall and hurt myself, I keep running towards my dream! (Source: Ramenswag)

And now for the 7 members of the Gang!

BTS is a group of three rappers and four vocalists who are like the seven colours of the rainbow, each comprising of their eccentric traits and life stories.


Kim Namjoon a.k.a. RM (Source: STE Primo)

“No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, your gender identity, just speak yourself. Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself.”

- Kim Namjoon.

Kim NamJoon famously known as ‘RM aka Rap Monster’ is considered to be the father of BTS as he was the first to join the original line-up. He is the leader of the group whose rapping skills and wordplay are absolutely unparalleled. NamJoon is the most comfortable in his group while speaking English which he learned from watching American sitcoms like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and news channels like CNN and BBC. He has also released his mixtapes namely ‘RM’, ‘MONO’ in collaboration with great artists like Lil Nas, Primary, and Fall Out Boy.


Kim Seokjin aka Jin From BTS (Source: STE Primo)

“I’m living true to my feelings by living in the now.”


If RM is the Dad of BTS, then JIN is known as the ‘Mom’ of our K-pop boy group. Popular for his superior good looks and whimsical sense of humour, Worldwide Handsome JIN (also known as Kim Seokjin) initially was an actor beforE joining BTS. Born in the year 1992, JIN is the oldest member of the group. JIN released his first song ‘Tonight’ in 2019. From cooking delicious meals to making sarcastic jokes, JIN never fails to entertain his fans.


Min Yoongi aka Suga from BTS (Source: Wallpaper Access)

“I only live once, so I live harder than anyone.”


Suga or Min Yoongi is the rapper of BTS and the grandma of the group, according to JIMIN. There’s an interesting story behind his name SUGA as it was named by his CEO who believed that Yoongi’s smile is sweet as sugar. Being straightforward and pensive in the group, SUGA loves to sleep and wants to be a rock in his next life. SUGA has released several solo mixtapes, namely ‘Agust-D’ and ‘D-2.’ He is well known for his song lyrics which carry an emotional approach to turning insecurities into strength.


Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope from BTS (Source: Wallpaper Access)

“I’m Your hope, You’re my hope, I’m J-Hope!”


Jung Hoseok, also known by his stage name J-Hope, wants to be a source of light and hope for his fans. He is BTS’s main dancer and rapper. Viewed as the ‘sunshine’ of the group due to his energetic and bright personality, J-Hope has an upbeat to his music and performances. J-Hope’s truly intricate dance moves and changing-per-second facial expressions turn his fans absolutely wild! As a solo artist, J-Hope has released his record-breaking digital songs ‘Daydream’ and ‘Chicken Noodle Soup.’ So if you feeling down, listen to J-Hope to get hope again!


Park Jimin aka Jimin from BTS (Source: Bangtan Tumblr)

“Go on your own path even if you live for a day.”

- Jimin.

One thing to know about Jimin is that he can dance anywhere when the music plays. Park Jimin is a vocalist and a dancer of BTS. As a solo artist, he has released two self-produced songs- ‘Promise’ and ‘Christmas Love.’ Just like J-Hope, Jimin is also an exceptional dancer and finds his excellence in Contemporary form. Jimin is also known as ‘Baby Mochi,’ a nickname given to him by James Corden, the host of the popular American late-night talk show ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden,’ in the BTS’s carpool karaoke video.


Kim Taehyung aka V from BTS (Source: Pinterest)

“I Purple You!”


Often called ‘blank Tae’ because of his blank expression, Kim Taehyung is the dancer and vocalist in BTS. V is blessed with exceptionally good-looking genes and a voice that is most distinguishable from other members for its deep, husky vocal range. V invented the term “I Purple You” during a fan meeting, and purple has since been the symbol of BTS. Taehyung as an individual has released three self-produced songs, ‘Scenery’, ‘Winter Bear’, and ‘Sweet Night’. He loves to act and made his acting debut in the drama ‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth’ in 2016. V is the ‘good boy’ of BTS, and sometimes bad.. But hey..who isn’t?


Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook from BTS (Source: Wallpaper Cave)

“I’d rather die than live without passion.”


Let us now meet Jeon Jungkook, the group’s youngest member, also known as the “kid” of BTS. Jungkook is a vocalist, dancer, and the face of the K-pop group. The 24-year-old Jungkook joined BTS when he was only 15 and has been hailed by all for being a perfectionist, meticulous and self-critical at such a young age. Also known as Kookie, he has earned labels like ‘The Sexiest Man On Earth’ and ‘The World’s Most Handsome Faces.’ His song ‘Euphoria’ was also featured in Zendaya and Jacob Elordi’s celebrated HBO series ‘Euphoria.’ Kookie considers RM as his role model, but surely he is the role model for a lot of us!

“The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you’ve come.” (Source: Mashable)

BTS was bound to reach new heights with all of these incredibly skilled members, and they did! Collaborating with World-famous artists like Hasley in ‘Boy With Luv’, Megan Thee Stallion in ‘Butter’, Charlie Puth in ‘Fake Love’, Nicki Minaj in ‘Idol’, Lauv in ‘Make It Right’, and the much-awaited recently released collaboration ‘My Universe’ with Coldplay, BTS now could write a book on ‘how to break records every time you release a song.’

From being number one on the Billboard 100 charts for ‘Dynamite’ to being the most viewed song on Youtube in the first 24 hours, or being the first Korean group to perform with ‘Lil Nas X’ on ‘Old Town Road’ at the Grammy’s in 2020, their list of accomplishments just continues to grow.

Can it ever happen if BTS is mentioned and the ARMY doesn't come up?

The main reason for BTS’s success is the ever-growing fanbase, which they refer to as the ‘BTS ARMY.’ Their social media presence is unrivalled, and their ARMYs are fiercely loyal to their K-pop idols. BTS have always made their fans a part of their success. Their fans are more than simply a fanbase group; they have influenced their ARMYs to share compassion and positivity. During the Covid-19 outbreak, ARMYs over the world raised millions of dollars to aid those in need.

Partnering with UNICEF, BTS has launched campaigns like ‘Love Yourself’ in order to spread awareness about mental health. Recently, BTS performed at the UN General Assembly on their ‘Permission To Dance’ while speaking about the need to adopt sustainable choices and save Planet Earth. This is what makes BTS stand apart from other artists as they use their influence and power over their fans to speak about issues that matter.

Our Boys at the UNICEF (Source: UNICEF)

The success and victory of BTS didn’t come easy, the Bangtan boys have worked hard for this since the day they debuted. From practising 14 hours straight to performing tour after tour, BTS never disappointed. After achieving the life of Riley, BTS continues to put their hearts, minds, and souls into bringing something fresh and intriguing to the table every time they return.

So what are you waiting for, grab your phone and turn on your favourite Music App and go to their ’Universe’ now!

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