Popular News Platform — Dais World wins The Most Promising Startup of 2021 Award

Dais World wins The Most Promising Startup of 2021 Award

More than 50000 startups make India the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world! In 2021 alone, there has been a 27% jump in the number of new companies registered in the nation. And why shouldn’t it be? The markets in India and around the world are booming with liquidity. There is no dearth of funds for an idea with the potential to change the world. This growing confidence has given fertile ground to innovative minds who have broken out of their shackles and have stepped out to ask for what they deserve.

And when they do, with the right balance of innovation and acute business sense, the industry sits up and takes notice.

Founded in November 2018 by Abhishek Deb, Dais Informatics Private Limited, the parent company of Dais World has one clear dictum — “War against Fake News”.

By the time it was beta launched in July 2020 and finally brought live to the Playstore in November 2020, Dais World had slowly become a digital personification of News Media’s future. They knew they had set out for disruption — the way News and Media was perceived and consumed would never be the same again after Dais World’s smart entry.

And the industry rewarded them — for the sheer discipline and professionalism Dais World brought to a space that was crowded with either print publishers desperate to go digital or virality-chasers who thought News is one more way of attracting attention.

IAA recognized Dais World for its Outstanding Professional Achievement and Contribution in Nation Building

Indian Achievers’ Forum is a 20-year old independent, impartial, non-profit organization founded in the year 2000 by , ex-Prime Minister of India. The Indian Achievers Award celebrates not only the magnitude of the success of the achievers but also the intensity of the efforts they have shown in their work. Their famous past recipients include

Competition galore, The Indian Achievers’ Forum identified merit in the disruption that Dais World was bringing to a conservatorial space within a short span of its launch. IAA recognized Dais World for its Outstanding Professional Achievement and Contribution in Nation Building.

When asked about his feelings on winning the Award, stated,

“We are elated, proud and humbled at the same time. We have focused our energies to the stakeholders always, never losing sight of what our Readers, our Publishers and our Partners would love on the platform. We work really hard to keep the spirit of Dais World soaring higher by the day.”

Proprietary technology and seamless architecture permit Dais World to innovate, enhance and pivot to fast-changing reader requirements with blinking speed. Constant News updates across 14 genres presented on the app with a crisp 60-word snippet give the reader a choice to read his news in short summary or access the whole content.

As if the first promise was not enough, Dais World topped up reader experience with a prodigious second promise — Read News, Win Points, Claim Rewards. So not only is the app free to download & use for every reader, it also rewards him for this brilliant reading habit.

So much for a space that is busy piling on paywalls and subscription fees on its freedom-seeking reader! It is little wonder then that the platform has gained immense popularity amongst Indian readers — The mobile app crossed 17,000 (seventeen thousand) users within a span of 10 months of launch! Perhaps such innovations were essential in the News Media Industry after all.

Indian Achievers Forum is the second acclaimed organization in the country to bestow such recognition on Dais World. The Indian Government being the first. In June 2021, Dais Informatics Private Limited was recognized by the under its .

As the brand turned some heads with the refreshing news-reading experience, the organisation simultaneously kept contributing to nation-building. As part of Dais’s dream of seeing a strong and healthy nation, the company has also recently signed an MoU up with — India’s Topmost Cancer research and treatment centre for their “donate per install initiative”.

The Founding Team comprises of the Founder, and the Business Head, who serve as the Executive Directors of the company. The team understands and believes that startups and MSMEs are the emerging jet fuel to the Indian economy and the team is focusing on partnering with MSMEs, individual content creators, publishers, writers and niche brands who will shape the next generation of entrepreneurs in India.

Having served the nation in uniform, the Founder aims to continue his service to the nation by uplifting an entire generation of Media- bound jobseekers and enterprising minds. Dais World also plans to employ more than 100 job seekers across domains and industries over the calendar year and make it the best place to work and learn for all ages.

The incumbents in the News Industry seem to be functioning within set contours of journalism and are finding it difficult to break out of their age-inept models while the challengers are busy chasing virality at the cost of quality journalism. Dais World believes it is standing at a sweet spot of creating that unique breakthrough.

In its upcoming versions, Dais World promises to make the app more inclusive, this time focusing all energies towards an exponential increase of user happiness and the options available to them, based on their conscious needs.

As Abhishek Deb adds in his closing statement,

“We continue to advocate for quality journalism, timely information, uncoloured facts and restless enthusiasm — features that make the brand a true representative of 60% of India’s population that is young, digitally-savvy, dynamic, ambitious, has a mind of its own and has taken the onus of making this decade — India’s Tech-ade.”

Indian Achievers’ Forum certificate for Dais World

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