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The Secret of getting ahead is getting Started

-Mark Twain

When opportunities knock at the door, we should welcome them with our hands wide open!

E-summit is one such opportunity for all the enthusiastic entrepreneurs out there who want to explore the secrets of getting ahead by starting out on their own. E-Summit’22 is the annual signature event of Entrepreneurship-Cell NIT-Bhopal. It is deemed to be Central India’s Largest Entrepreneurship Fest.

Entrepreneurship Cell NIT Bhopal is a non-profit student cell that works to support and unleash budding entrepreneurial minds and promote the start-up culture among the students. E–Summit is the Flagship event of Entrepreneurship Cell MANIT. The main aim of E-summit is to bring out the entrepreneurial skills of the students that are driven by creativity and innovation. The event thrives to bring the academic community, venture capitalists, new-age entrepreneurs together to create an environment ready for all to learn and grow.

The Business Plan Competition, Stock And Crypto Trading Simulation Startup Expo, Content Creation Conclave, Hackathon and IPL Auction Simulation are some of the most exciting events of the E-Summit which intend to bring out one’s hidden entrepreneurial and creative skills.

But the star of the show is of course — The Guest Lecture Event. This time it brings in renowned international speakers from various domains to give out their success stories filled with zeal, determination and inspiration.

Here is the impressive lineup:


Matteo Rizzi (Co-Founder FTS)
  • Co-Founder at FTS Group
  • Co-Host & Executive Producer at the #1 radio show ‘ Breaking Banks Europe’
  • Venture Partner at Bamboo Capital Partners and NEVA Finventures
  • Author of ‘Fintech Revolution’ and ‘Talents and Rebels


Greg Reid (Author of ‘The Millionaire Mentor’)
  • Global Entrepreneur of the Year
  • One of the Top 5 Speakers in the World
  • Author of many award-winning books
  • Speaker of Eminence at MIT
  • Has a Star named after him at the Las Vegas Walk of Stars
  • Founder of Secret Knock
  • Author of ‘The Millionaire Mentor’


Zev Siegl (Co-Founder, Starbucks)
  • Co-Founder of the Starbucks Chain
  • Global Keynote Speaker
  • Award-winning Business Leader
  • Startup advisor
  • Founder of Quartermaine, SocialBees.com

And as if that was not enough, there is a fun twist to this serious business — Stand-up Comedian Abhishek Upmanyu is going to be performing at the closing ceremony of the Mega Fest!

Abhishek Upmanyu (One of India’s Top You-Tubers)

Being conducted on a Metaverse-Like platform powered by Ibentos, the fest takes you virtually to the lush campus of MANIT Bhopal and still makes you feel as if you are right there, joining in the festivities.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a seat as the show is about to begin.

Register here: https://esummit.ecellnitb.com/startup.html#form-reg

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