E-Cell MANIT Bhopal brings us The Stark Expo 2022!!


The Stark Expo — Brought to us by E-Cel MANIT Bhopal

Anything and Everything is achievable

through Sheer Will and Hardwork

Entrepreneurship Cell MANIT Bhopal is organizing India’s first and one of the biggest Entrepreneurial Summit titled “The Stark Expo ‘’ where anyone with a bright mind and creative ideas will get a chance to collaborate with big incubators and investors of the industry. There will be CEO’s, CMO’s and Co-Founders of companies that made it big!!

And the big announcement of them all — The Honourable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan is going to be the Chief Guest for the Inauguration Ceremony of the Expo!!!

The Honourable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan

The central theme here is to give you an opportunity that will help you in fulfilling your goals and complete your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

E-Summit is the flagship Event of Entrepreneurship Cell MANIT, aimed at fueling the entrepreneurial spirit in the students, hosting start-up founders, and educating inquisitive minds to create an innovation-driven start-up culture. Here, Participants will get a chance to collaborate with more than 50+ fastest-growing startups who are seed-funded or are in their A-series funding, Pitch in front of the biggest Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Incubators and Accelerator firms in the market for an opportunity to present their ideas and products and potentially win the investor’s interest.

E-Cell NITB has been active since August 2019 and in just over two years they have conducted a plethora of Nationwide events with each setting a new benchmark.

This is the Second series of E-Summit and things are going to get bigger and better with the impressive list of guests and speakers.

Dharamveer Singh Chauhan — Founder, Zostel

One of the major highlights from the Speaker Panel is Mr Dharamveer Singh Chouhan, Co-Founder and CEO at Zostel, who will be enlightening students and participants with his knowledge which he gained through, years of experience in the field of business and will guide them with the same knowledge and tactics to become successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields.

E cell MANIT Bhopal had organised the super successful E-Carnival last year which even was a huge success despite being organized during the lockdown. A book fair directed towards supporting small businesses was also organised to help nurture Philanthropic activities in the Business domain and to train budding entrepreneurs on the need to help small business owners.

And this year too, E- Summit has multiple Pre (E-Summit) and Post (E-Summit) events planned alongside “The Stark Expo”. Here are the top Pre-event highlights:


Major General GD Bakshi

An enlightening discussion organized by E- Cell MANIT Bhopal on the Strategic Importance of Defence and Military Startups, Rakshapreneur witnessed the presence of war veteran Major General GD Bakshi, SM, VSM. He spoke about the challenges and opportunities for a startup in the field of warfare.

Captain Pitcher

Captain Pitcher MANIT Bhopal

An event where speakers like Mr. Akhilendra Rai mentored attendees on the pitching techniques of their startup ideas, Captain Pitcher organized on 8th Jan 2022 was a roaring success.

The main event gives participants a chance to compete alongside more than 50+ Dynamic Startups from categories like Energy and Environment, Logistics, E-Commerce, Education, Digital Marketing, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Agritech, Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality and Collaborate with them.

Backed by corporate biggies like Skill Lync, Ibentos, Amazon Web, Freshworks, Taskade, this E- Summit provides a big opportunity to the participants by giving them a chance to not only interact with them but also Earn Prizes and Rewards Worth $1.5 Million Dollars Powered by the Sponsors.

What does that reward kitty include? Lets give you a lowdown:

AWS Cloud Services Credits:

1. All the participating Startups will receive credits worth USD 1000.

2. Top 15 startups will win credits worth USD 5000.

Taskade Workspace Credits:

1. Free lifetime unlimited plan(worth USD 5 per person per month) to winners.

2. Free unlimited plan valid upto 5 years for all participants.

Freshworks Technology Credits:

1. USD 10,000 worth credits to top 15 Startups.

2. USD 4000 worth credits to all the participants.

Start-up Lab Giveaways:

1. Services worth INR 5000 to Top 5 startups

2. 15% OFF on services valid upto 1 year for all the remaining participants.

AIC-RNTU Giveaways:

1. Selected startups will get services at the Incubation centre.

2. Co-working space to the winners of Startup-Expo.


Mentorship to all the participants of Startup Expo.

India Accelerator:

1. Live projects and 2-months internships for top performers.

2. Shortlisted teams will receive a mentorship session.

3. Technology credits(AWS, Zoho, Google Suite, etc.) upto USD 1 Million to the winning team.

Dais World of course being the Proud Media Partner of the event is looking forward to bringing the spotlight further on one of India’s top Startup Summits this 2022.

So all you Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs….. What are you waiting for?

“The Stark Expo” is the perfect destination for you to Kickstart your Entrepreneurial Journey. Know more here:


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